“Turn it Up, TOP”

I’ve been a bad bloginista. And by that I mean, my posts have been non existence the past couple of days and I am DELAYED on the following topic, and to add insult to injury, I probably did not communicated the “pun” in the title effectively.


Very, VERY Good

Sigh. Just sigh.

Let me explain: I LOVE TOP. You know, like a fat kid loves cake (And this works because he was a chubsta). I will admit, in my VIP youth, I was a big fan of Seungri because I thought he was handsome, I liked his voice, despite it’s nasal-ish tendencies, and he was a boyish dancer. But with the release of their second full-length album, Big Bang: Remember Volume 2, and the track “오, 아, 오” or “Oh, Ah, Oh” from approximately, 1:43-1:49, a deep, rich, husky, and DOWN RIGHT SEXY voice, STOLE MY HEART!

Since this isn’t supposed to be an fangirl individual review article, I’m going to stop here.

In the year 2010, the Korean pop scene has been missing not only the presence of TVXQ! but Big Bang as well. Up until now. Well kind of.

T.O.P. also known as Choi Seung Hyun is the second rapper of the group but his solo activities were low key and kind of went under the radar, unlike G-Dragon’s activities which pretty much stole the show in late 2009.

Not to be outdone, TOP teased us not too long ago with this photo:

This photo makes me wonder what I ever saw in Seungri

Everyone instantly knew what was going to happen. Okay, well not everyone. But VIPs had heard the song when they saw the MV at the Big Show earlier this year. I saw it on youtube shortly after because I’m a stalker.

Here’s a fancam (But don’t watch it if you want to be legit):

And then we got a teaser and I’m going to act like I had never seen the fancam for the rest of this:

Bum. Bum. Bum, bum. Bum. These drums are like a teaser within a teaser. They have a rich, deep, hypnotic sound and foreshadow TOPs voice and the essence of the song. Along with his deep, husky voice, rapping about how sexy he is, we’re hit with a couple of visuals. A girl with drums, a girl dancing on top of luggage, a girl with that bizarre mask over her face, a bunch of other girls, and TOP. TOP standing up, TOP standing down, TOP touching girl, TOP not touching girl, TOP on a car, TOP on the floor, and more of TOP surrounded by clean, black & white, minimalist lines. I love these images. I don’t even mind how misogynistic it is, I LOVEEE IT! It emphasizes TOP’s masculinity but cleans it up nicely with a smashing touch of elegance. Very, Hugo Boss. Very. In fact, if there is any chance that Hugo Boss is reading this: GET HIM TO MODEL FOR YOU! One does not get an intimate look into the song, but from what I hear, that drum line is kicking.

And then, low and behold, YG Entertainment calms our hormones and releases the MV:

I think part of me died when I saw this. And not out of sadness, OBVIOUSLY. The images are fantastic. Everything that we were shown in the teaser, carried over. A couple of surprises: black & white, MONKEY WITH A GUITAR, and mini dance break at the end. The black & white is just another elegant touch on top of many. The Monkey, can I just say that that was utterly brilliant? I loved it. It was so cute. How ever did they get it to put on the guitar? Animal abuse? Oh, I hope not. And the mini dance break at the end…TOP has never been a dancer, at many times, his dancing has been quite “laughable.” The dance break at the end, even though it shows some improvement, is really no different. I’m going to forget it ever happened.

Musically, the song is quite misogynistic. Not as miso. as songs in the USofA but we’re judging against a different standard. For those of you who cannot speak Korean, the song is basically about how sexy and bomb he is and how he’ll seduce you. I wish the song’s meaning had been interesting, I do, but as far as rhythm, rhyme, and meter go, the song’s got it down. And TOP, well, need I say? His vocals are, as always, PERFECTION. However, his English needs to improve. For someone who has been on the kpop scene for so long, his English pronunciation is pretty SHITASTICK. From “Monkey Magic” to “Official Pimp” to the huge massacre of designer names, it was just bad. I can cut him some slack on the designer names because none of those are really English but still. This is a professional track, he could have taken an hour out of his life to learn how to pronounce them correctly. And the bridge was a bit of a let down, the bridge is supposed to be the climax of the song but I didn’t feel it. The energy was low and his rapping was too slow.

Unfortunately, TOP will not be promoting this song. It’s sad and really a shame because he would KILL that stage. But alas, it is what is is and TOP is very busy with other projects so I suppose I understand.

In Essence: I declare TOP’s “Turn It Up” a MUSICAL ORGASM!

It MUST have been the chin strap

In order to enrich your reading experience:

To Listen to Big Bang’s “오, 아, 오”:

To read lyrics, a romanization, and/or a translation:


Stay tuned for articles on: Bonamana, Taeyang’s Comeback, and any other KPOPAWESOME things going on!

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Love “Love Ya”?

Good, because I do too.

I’m a little late on this one but I figured I would keep myself and you all out there busy while we waited for the following comebacks (In the order for which I am most excited): TOP, SHINee, Narsha, rest of YG Family, and BoA.

Soon, very soon.

But in the meantime, I want to look at a group that has already made their comeback.

I know, I know

SS501 is a group that I’ve been following a little bit before Kim Hyun Joong’s appearance in “Boys Before Flowers” but I have listened to all their tracks and watched most of the MVs/Lives I could find on youtube. They’re an interesting idol group and by that I mean, holistically, I am not sure what to make of them. But I suppose that I could say, in the most polite way possible, that they are a watered down version of Dong Bang Shin Ki. Musically, they’re work is decent. “U R Man” is no “O” (This has to be the biggest understatement I have made on my blog to date) and “Because I’m Stupid” is no “Stand By U.” It’s not like they’re stuff is bad, it’s good but not as good as some of the other stuff out there. As far as group talent, they have some talented members and some well, eh, members. Kim Hyung Joon (NOT THE GUY FROM BBF) is their best vocalist and has a beautiful voice that he knows how to use. Park Jung Min is the group’s most well rounded member while the other three members have mixed reviews. Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong have nice voices, they just have issues controlling them Kim Hyun Joong, oh boy, as much as he may be a mega hottie, he IS the group’s weakest link. Then again, if we’re looking for image, concept, and style, he brings the group quite a bit of PR.

Oh boy, I did not mean for this to be a group evaluation but ANYWAY…

Their company, DSP Entertainment, released concept photos:

The only protection against unrequited love: A gas mask

I think all these guys are handsome in their own way (Except for Heo Young Saeng) and I’m a sucker for a man in a suit/tuxedo. With their romantically swept hair and dark, smokey make up, I was sold. Something that did confuse me however, were the gas masks and in another set of photos, the scorpions. I was curious as to where they would take this?

Then DSP Entertainment released a brief teaser:

I haven’t fallen in love yet but watching this teaser gave me a taste of what it might feel like. I HARDCORE love! The sepia tones, chandeliers, the ORCHESTRA, the paintings, the gear thing on the side: the video was definitely going to channel elements of the Baroque and steampunk and being a big fan of such styles (I’m self acclaimed Rococo Princess), I was eating it up. Musically, the elements were present. The strings and the piano invoke Handel’s Concerto Grossos while the vinyl continues to adhere to this “vintage” element. From what we could see of the choreography, it was pretty fly. I have a HUGE thing for synchronized jumps at this video had that as well, as bigger isolations and oh la la…HIP THRUSTS. Okay, but for reals, this video contains SS501’s best choreography and best execution of such choreography. I was, to say the least, very impressed.

Another teaser was released but it was almost two minutes long so we might as well skip to the chase and discuss the video:

All the elements I loved in the teaser are present, which, need I say it again? LOVELOVELOVE.

There are so many visuals that I love in this video, I don’t think I can list them. The orchestra is celebrated, the choreography mixes the smooth, waltz-esque element with modern dance elements, and the boys of SS501 do not disappoint. I will however say: I didn’t like the solos for Jung Min and Hyun Joong. All the boys looked much more masculine in this concept but the way the two were styled during the solos was rather effeminate. Also, the dance break. It started out so orgasmically. The ambulance sounds mixed with the gun shots with the choreo. But then Hyun Joong’s dance solo. He looked fantastic during the cuts where he was in the black suit with the swept up hair but with the cuts of him during his solo shots and up on the roof of…somewhere…he looked effeminate and so the dance solo looked awkward. But it was brief, thank god. Another critique I have: there’s a lot of black. They could have mixed up the tones in this video, not necessarily for variety but at times, it’s difficult to tell SS501 apart from the background dancers. This isn’t really a criticism because I understand it and think it’s valid: Kim Hyun Joong didn’t really get a lot of face time.

As for the song, I can’t say I feel differently. “Love Ya”, simply put, is: a very nice song. For the same reasons “Love Ya” is a good MV. It mixes many elements that I thoroughly enjoy: baroque, vintage, R&B, and rap. I wasn’t impressed with Hyun Joong’s rap; the way he ended phrases was a little bizarre. And his rap was overshadowed by the following raps by Kyu Jong & Hyung Joon. Who knew they had so much swag?

There lives were a little shaky but then again SS501 has never been known for their spectacular live performances. But with “Love Ya” performances, they have definitely IMPROVED. Especially Kyu Jong and Young Saeng. And really, besides their debut stage (Which was gorgeous, regardless), their other stages have been solid. Hence, the wins on music shows.

Nicely done, boys, nicely done.


A couple of notes that I didn’t manage to address in the body of this: I have heard some people compare this to Tri-Angle. Really? Visually, the concepts are SO different. The tracks do share that element of twisting classical (Even though the strings & piano in “Love Ya” is Baroque whereas the Mozart sampled in “Tri-Angle” is Classical) with the modern but there are so many things wrong and disturbing with the track “Tri-Angle” that I really don’t want to compare it to “Love Ya.” And this is coming from a Cassiopeia. But I guess you could say that “Tri-Angle” is the concept done wrong and “Love Ya” is it done right.

Something else, this isn’t an original track. The track is LEGALLY taken from Michealangelo’s “Let Me Love Ya.” Is that disappointing? Hm, maybe. I personally don’t care because it’s all legally done, but others might. The tracks are identical and some of the lyrics are as well but SS501’s vocal style is so MUCH different from Michealangelo’s vocal style. SS501 is very R&B whereas Michealangelo sounds a bit like Akon. And it makes a BIG difference.

Now in order to enrich your reading experience:

To watch the “U R Man” MV:

To watch the “O” MV:

To watch a live of “Because I’m Stupid”:

To watch the “Stand By U” MV:

To listen to Handel’s Concerto Grosso in D Minor (And other Concertos, if you wish):

To watch SS501’s Comeback stage:

To watch some of SS501’s other lives:

To watch the “Tri-Angle” MV:

To listen to the “Let Me Love Ya” by Michealangelo:


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Sweet Potatoes Make Me Sick

We Got Married is one of the more popular shows on Korean TV. And rightfully so. It throws idols, who have allegedly never dated before, straight into marriage. What occurs as a result: awkward, but HILARIOUS situations.

I have not followed the show thoroughly. I started watching the show as soon as UEE left. Not trying to imply anything, but yeah, started watching it then.

So recently, there’s been news that 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria will be joining the show as a new couple! I’m very excited to see how they will turn out. My prediction: Nickhun will be cute and don’t get me wrong, I ❤ Victoria, but not recently. I loved her pre-debut work (Rain Commercial, Noona neomu yeppeo MV = LOVELOVELOVE). Once she debuted, she was still so cute up until she started doing this aegyo crap. It’s gross. Stop it. You’re like 24. It looks better on Sulli. Stop it. PLEASE.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to discuss the LATEST couple on the show:

What they're REALLY thinking

The couple, composed of SNSD’s Seohyun & CN Blue’s Yonghwa, was initially met with MUCH disapproval. Why? At the time Yonghwa & CN Blue were having quite the shit show with a manager caught abusing a fan and plagiarism accusations, fans of the show (And I guess of both parties) claimed that Yonghwa’s presence on variety shows was inappropriate. As for Seohyun, fans claimed that she was too young (Which, really, they both are. Seohyun is 18 and Yonghwa’s 20), having recently graduated high school.

RAWRRAWRAWR! (<-That’s fan wrath!)

My thoughts on Seohyun:

I like SNSD. At first I didn’t, and every now and then, I don’t simply because though I believe they are very talented and charming girls, they have this tendency to do the whole “I’m-going-to-channel-my-inner-lolita-for-the-perverted-ajusshis-so-I-can-sell-a-record” thing. And from my critique of Orange Caramel’s “Magic,” I’m sure you guys can understand how much I HATE that. Seohyun is a lead vocalist and she has a good voice. It lacks the “je nais se quoi” of Taeyeon’s & Tiffany’s voice but she can definitely belt a note and belt it well. She’s not their best dancer either but she can move about and manage not to mess up. As far as her charisma, she’s quiet and shy, which completes her “innocent maknae” persona. As for her looks, I think she’s the ugliest member (IF ANYONE DARES SAY ANYTHING AGAINST HYOYEON UNNIE, I WILL FIND YOU AND DESTROY YOU) but that doesn’t mean that she, on her own, is ugly. I just think she’s kind of plain. And perhaps not just physically, but as far as her idol skills and personality go as well. She’s your typical, “run of the mill” idol that can sing, dance, possess some charm, and look good.

Yes, indeed. Very CUTE & INNOCENT.

My thoughts on Yonghwa:

Yonghwa has a very nice voice. The best voice, as far as CN Blue goes. I prefer Jonghyun’s voice but as far as ability and technique go, Yonghwa’s got it. On top of that, he’s multi-talented and unique. He can play the guitar and he can write a song. The whole “I’m genie for you girl” was cute. And in a sea of idols, that barely break out their own talents when they can have their companies do all their work for them, his “artist” image is very unique. Plus, he’s got a handle on Japanese & English. Between the two, I much more musically impressed with Yonghwa. And his charm: he’s a sweet, gentleman–a regular Prince Charming. Physically however, seeing him stand next to Seohyun makes her look like Lady Godiva. He is not physically attractive. I’m sorry. He just isn’t. His face has odd proportions and his smile, oh, just don’t. I’ve never seen someone with a bad smile but Yonghwa has provided me with this new experience. He looked good in “You’re Beautiful” and he can look very good in MVs. But au naturale, he’s just, oh god…it’s horrifying just thinking about it. But you know what, not everyone can be Kim Jaejoong so I’m not going to hold it against him.

My Macro Cap: (From the guy on the left) I'm sorry. I can't help it. He's just SO FUNNY LOOKING

My thoughts on them as a couple:

In a word: fake. I think they’re both fake and I think they’re both fake with each other. And before I receive torrents of shiz for this, I would like to state that considering this is a TV show, that’s not IMPOSSIBLE. The show’s PD has stated ““Although they are a young couple, when they met, I saw a man and a woman. The two of them really bring a character that really hasn’t been seen in ‘We Got Married’ before” and “The two of them are the ones making the relationship. Our job will be to create missions that aren’t too extravagant as to not irk the viewers.” Okay, as someone who is VERY familiar with the Entertainment industry, whenever a producer has to intervene and make a statement, it’s a HUGE indication that the homogenized factor is HUGE. Their image as portrayed on the show, and as the PD himself states, that of a young, married couple. This adds humor and “aw” to the show considering the added inexperience and innocence behind these idols. HOWEVER, most of, as I have declared, seems VERY fake and processed to me.

When they first meet, Yonghwa tries to be cute and pretend that her spouse is another CN Blue member. They try to make it seem like these individuals have NO idea who their spouse is. This is more so a criticism of the show than of the actual couple but COME ON! Do these PDs think the audience is comprised of idiots?! These are IDOLS. They are going to know EXACTLY who they are engaging in a “relationship” with. Think about the alternative. What if the two idols already have a history? Not necessarily a relationship but what if they already know each other or don’t like each other? What if the pairing is not good for their images? Both Seohyun and Yonghwa knew EXACTLY who they were going to paired with and probably googled the other person to death as well.

Another thing that happens is that Seohyun asks Yonghwa, like the innocent, maknae that she is, “What is the difference between liking someone and loving someone?” Yonghwa however, like the noble knight is is afraid to answer her because he doesn’t want to “corrupt” her. What is the difference Yonghwa? You don’t love someone unless you’re having hot, crazy monkey sex every night? That’s the kind of answer that would CERTAINLY corrupt her. If this was the answer on his mind, then I think I’ve made my point. If it wasn’t, then I think it just goes to show that Yonghwa is not as smooth as he would like people believe. And then there’s always the option that this was scripted, smartly so to showcase Seohyun’s innocence and Yonghwa’s gentlemanly aires.

But you know what, Seohyun has been spending the last 3 or so years surrounded by 8 other girls, all older than her. Seohyun might be innocent, but the other 8 certainly are not and who can say that they haven’t influenced her? Especially when she’s jiggling around in “Oh!” for the ajusshis and sassing it up in “Run Devil Run.” If you look at these MVs closely, it’s hard to believe that she same girl would ask a question reserved for a truly innocent/clueless three year old. That’s not criticism however. It’s fine if Seohyun isn’t as innocent as she seems. In fact, it would make me like her more because she’s 18 years old and acting like that is kind of embarrassing. Yeah, she’s young and I’m not saying that she should be able to properly draw and label a diagram of a penis but her innocent image detracts from any maturity I’m sure sure she has.

But you know what? Seohyun’s innocent act seems much more believable in comparison to Yonghwa’s shenanigans. I think he’s been fake since his debut. I’ve watched him outside of “We Got Married,” especially on Star Golden Bell and he does the whole “I’m a serious, quiet gentle artist man.” Yeah, okay. Sure. His bandmates and close friends have all admitted that it’s part of his image and he’s not actually like that in real life. Good friend Lee Joon of MBLAQ even claimed that he was much more notorious than the trouble making maknae of MBLAQ, Mir. This could very well be made up and scripted as well but Star Golden Bell has been known for being a scandal breaker. Plus, if it was scripted, it would have been more akin to Yonghwa’s wholesome image. In the same episode, he playfully sassed Hyoyeon unnie when she compared him to an ahjumma, saying that her voice sounded “Like an ahjumma.” It’s playful fun and it’s funny; I know that. But again, it’s a boyish charm that exists outside the realm of “Knight-in-Shining-Armor” Yonghwa. I think Yonghwa’s knows it to because when Hyoyeon, Tiffany, and Taeyeon visited the couple in their new home lately, he was very nervous. NOT BECAUSE HE DOESN’T KNOW THEM. No, he’s definitely met Hyoyeon & Tiffany, maybe not Taeyeon. A lot of things don’t add up and you know what, if he is a joshing menace like Mir, then better for him. I’m sure he’s got a killer sense of humor that I’d really like to see. I’d prefer it to the inconsistent prince act.

But can I really say anything?

I suppose not considering that this couple is giving the shows ratings and as won fan support. It’s an image and concept that works. I just think it’s not real.

This would actually make more sense if it were Tiffany; he's admitted that she's her favorite member.

And as always, in order to enrich your reading experience:

I would put up a link where you can watch “We Got Married” but episodes, subbed and not, are so scattered. But do a bit of a google search and you’ll definitely find some links.

To watch the “Oh!” MV:

To watch the “Run Devil Run” MV:

To watch the referred clip of Star Golden Bell (Their are links to the entire episode as well):

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Orange Caramel’s “Magic”

We know, UEE, we know

After School is one of the less popular girl groups in kpop right now. And really, since their debut.

There are DEFINITELY aspects of After School that I (As in ME, Kang Hyo Rin) like a lot like members Park Ga Hee, Kim Jung Ah, and Kim Rebecca as well as songs “Because of You” and “When I Fall.” But there are some aspects that really are not my thing.

I suppose their company, Pledis Entertainment, have been brooding, wondering “why” that is?

It could do something with the rotational line up (aka, instability) or a bizarre combination of talented, untalented, pretty, and non pretty members, or the lack of good music writing and producing.

But after, what I’m sure was hour upon hour of relentless debate, they decided that the group was so big that their personalities and talent did or did not shine. That’s fair enough. Super Junior has 13 (Yes, this number is debatable but I don’t want to get into that) members and they split up into sub units and it worked out well for them.

Our first sub group:

Yummy...yeah? Yeah well, NO!

Orange Caramel (Should I even start with the name? No, I guess not. But I will say: Kind of REALLY silly) consists of three members: Oh Hye Rin, Lim Jin Ah, and Park Soo Young.

About these dramatic personaes:

Raina: She has a killer voice. Although I do prefer Jungah’s vocals, Raina knows how to sing and I respect that. As far as her looks go, she’s cute.

Nana: I’m not a big fan of Nana. I don’t think she has a nice voice. And I don’t think Pledis does either because I’m pretty sure she sings AT MOST 4 lines a song. And as far as her looks, I go back and forth. Sometimes I think she’s pretty, sometimes I don’t. But you know what, she won a Super Model Contest so I suppose I do not know what I am talking about.

Lizzy: She’s new and I guess she’s cute. I don’t really know what to say about her. I’m still confused as to why she’s in the group.

And if you haven’t noticed, this unit consists of the latest members to join After School.

From the photo: I was like, “eh.” I don’t like the whole “cute” thing. It’s kind of perverse for women in their late teens and early twenties to be walking around in pastel dresses, holding cupcakes, acting like Polly’s Pocket. Lizzy looks nice though. Can’t say the same for the other members considering Nana’s one eye is closed and Raina looks a little less than a 100% excited.

Here’s the teaser:

From the MV Teaser: Well, they all look pretty. They’re wearing these nice, cool pastel colors, they’re sleeping (Angelic or peverse?). They’re wearing some weird ass party hats though. But the revolving like a clock camera movement is interesting so I forgive. And then they wake up and do something that is not THAT different from So Hee’s “Omona” in the “Tell Me” MV. Very pretty but again, why are these WOMEN doing this? Especially with the lullaby melody in the background? Like why? Women of an age that can go to a bar and get perfectly smashed on a Friday night or women who can enlist in the army and kill people should not be doing things that BABIES do.

And NOW…the MV:

Visually speaking, the MVs has some Hits and Misses. Again. Very pretty. The pastel colors, the cakes, the paper laterns. They’re styled pretty nicely. The only outfits I hate are the pink, polka dot dresses. Their make up and hair is pretty nice., espeically Nana’s pig tail style. OH and then MIN HYUK. I love CN Blue so Min Hyuk, who like never shows up, SHOWS UP. He’s decked out in typical, uppercrust Asian male fashion but he’s holding onto a bike? The image is very boyish but then again, the concept for Orange Caramel is innocent, cute, fresh, and youthful. Min Hyuk walks by, they stop talking, and stare. Like he’s the only man they’ve ever seen in their entire life. And the pop out sets, oh boy, how campy. Paper Mario, flashbacks everyone? And Nana floating over the ultra fake Parisian background? I don’t know…

In the opening, Min Hyuk walks away and DRUMS (How fitting!). Oh and then comes these dreadful, retro, sterotypical keyboard synths. And that cascading piano motif, makes it sound like a crime drama and in the rest of the song, it grows to become something very akin to the Sailor Moon OST. And then, as the lyrics progress, it might as well be. Raina begins the song and I HATE IT. This girl has such a rocking voice and in her opening lines, I really can’t tell the difference between her and your regular, homogenized female idol. I don’t if she’s purposely sounding like that or if it’s a effect put in during production but I hate it. And the “어떡해 어떡해?” SUCH A STEREOTYPICAL phrase in korean pop. And for some reason, these girls say it with QUITE the accent. Lizzy’s vocals are acceptable. I’ve never thought she’s had a good voice. It’s okay. Like a homogenized idol’s voice. But Nana, oh honey. When she belts, you can hear her struggle on the ending, gasping desperately for air. If you can hear it on the track, then imagine what it must have been like during practice…

Overall, my assessment of Orange Caramel: mediocre, unoriginal, and so sugary that you’ll need to inject yourself with insulin for the rest of your life.

I think these girls have talent/potential. Raina has an awesome voice. Nana is really pretty. And Lizzy…well, I’m sure she’s got something; I just haven’t discovered it yet. But why did they have to do something like THIS? It’s cute; it’s whatever but they COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING ELSE.

My personal prescription:

Visually: Give them blazers and flowing blouses. Make them look like something out of The Hills or The City. Make them look like YOUNG WOMEN (Not young children).

Musically: They once did a cover of “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce and I think that sound would be very appropriate for Raina, Nana, and Lizzy. Acoustic noodlings with a bass beat. Fresh, young, and natural.

I’m not a big fan of the sub unit concept because I don’t think that’s part of the problem. I’m sure these girls have personality and talent that aren’t showcased because they’re overshadowed by their fellow members but I’m sure there’s a reason why that occurs. They’re just not as strong as other members and even if they weren’t as strong as the other members, but strong in retrospect, the group as a whole would be a lot more popular. Whether it’s looks, musical talent, or just plain, old public reception. There’s a reason for everything.

But there’s nothing one can do. I guess, in a way, I’m looking forward to the next subunit simply to see what Pledis will do. But if they do ANYTHING like this to Kahi, I swear. Twill’ not be very good.

In the meantime, let’s hold out and wish these girls the best of luck, like good playgirls.

We love you too, After School!

Oh and by the way, I realized that I didn’t ONCE mention the song’s name. Oops, really embarrassing. But the only reason I do not correct this error and act like nothing ever happened because I think it can attest (One last time), how much I do not care for this.

In order to enrich your reading experience, here are some links:

To read more about After School:




To Watch the “Because of You” MV:

To Watch a live of “When I Fall”:

To Watch the “Tell Me” MV:

To Watch a video of Paper Mario (But only the first couple of seconds, it’s a pretty long video):

To hear a snippet from the Sailor Moon OST:

To Watch the “Irreplaceable” MV:

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A Musical Orgasm featuring Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Kanye West, and Timbaland

Before I am anything, a daughter, a sister, a student–before I am even Kang Hyo Rin–I am first and foremost: a DIE HARD Cassiopeia.


If you're still there, I appreciate it you know

I am not ashamed of my “W” status but I just want to clarify: I am your “run of the mill” Cassiopeian. I’ve typed a couple of sentences explaining how so but none of it makes any sense (out of context, anyway) so hopefully, the more I write, the more you get the idea.

The latest news on the whole “JaeChunSu in one corner with HoMin in another corner,” is this impending collaboration between JaeChunSu and Kanye and Timbaland.

A quick recap of WHAT THE DUCK is going on:

Three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun, and Kim Jun Su, sued SM Entertainment in order to be relieved from their “slave” contracts. The two other members, Jung Yun Ho and Shim Chang Min did not follow suit. Following this event, their activities in Korea were suspended (For obvious reasons). They remained active in Japan for a couple of months until their activities under AVEX Entertainment were also paused. Official statements were released stating that they were going to concentrate on their solo careers. The three members, referred to by mass media as “JaeChunSu” created an official unit by the name J.Y.J. and even held a Thanksgiving Concert. The other two members have been working on different solo projects. JYJ has since recently announced that they were going to develop a “global” album even though the main target market for the album would still be Asia.

FYI: There are A LOT of rumors going around concerning this situation. I simply reported all that is KNOWN FOR A FACT to be true.


The latest news in regards to the development of this album is that JYJ will be working with Jae Chong and Jae Chong will, in turn, working with Kanye West & Timbaland.

According to a poll on allkpop.com, approximately 80% of fans are excited about this collaboration.

But let’s be honest here.

Cassiopeia, I will be right there with you, begging Yunho to marry me, but I’m pretty sure a lot of you, even just “run of the mill” fans, voted simply because this is just another work that three of your favorite idols will release.

That’s great that you support them like that but from what I gather (Where am I gathering you may ask?: Blogs, forums, and real human beings that I can talk to and text), most fans are kind of confused. And you know what, I’m not going to rip on you because this is kind of weird. Kanye West is rapping about the unjust diamond trade in Africa while Timbaland is raving about Miley Cyrus. Where exactly do Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu fit in THIS cocktail party?

A seemingly awkward Cocktail Party, right?

No fear, whoever might be bored enough to read this, because this is why I think this will be one of the most “musical[ly] orgasm[ic]” pieces of art that we will have the fortune to listen to.

Dong Bang Shin Ki is the most versatile idol group in Asia. I know I said no bias, but this is not the bias speaking. They can release an orgasmic dance beats like “Mirotic” to divine ballads like “Paradise” to freakin’ A Capella all the while maintaining this indescribable, je nai se qoi trademark that is Dong Bang Shin Ki. Whether they are part of Dong Bang Shin Ki anymore is a different argument but Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu came from the same group so natural they possess the same versatility. Kanye West and Timbaland might possess a different style than trademark Dong Bang Shin Ki but it is nothing JYJ can’t handle.

Dong Bang Shin Ki is also very vocally powerful. Like them or not, they can all sing. Jaejoong, the melodious tenor has a unique aesthetic and he also has excellent control. Yoochun has a nice, rich voice. Some people will say he cannot sing. But honestly, I think it’s part of his style and by style I mean, he likes to try things and they kind of don’t work. Junsu, do I really need to say anything? Their vocal prowess really isn’t up for debate holistically speaking.

Musically, the trio is VERY prepared to collab with Kanye and Timabaland.

And they know it too

Kanye West, yeah, he’s not a good guy. Though I thought it was kind of funny (/Unbelievable) when he said, “George Bush does not like black people.” But what he did to Taylor Swift was mean and the guy’s just got more complexes than a really long shoujo manga. Does that mean he does not produce good music? NO!!! Even if it’s not your kind of think, one should be able to agree that for the kind of thing his music is, Kanye’s pretty much PERFECTED the formula. He knows what he’s doing and really, I do not want to entertain an argument otherwise. It’s kind of why he’s won 12 Grammies.

As for Timbaland, have you ever heard of these songs: Sexyback by Justin Timberlake? Wait a Minute by the Pussycat Dolls? Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliot? Yeah well, turns out Timbaland either wrote or produce or BOTH(ed) these tracks. He has a history, an AWARD WINNING history with multitude of successful artists and tracks. He did once say that Miley Cyrus was the next Justin Timberlake and was going to turn the musical upside down with her talent and innovation BUT everyone takes some Hallucinogens every now and then. The difference here is that Timbaland was asked about Miley Cyrus’ future in the music industry.

So now that we’ve established that everyone knows what they’re doing by themselves, this is what they can do TOGETHER:

“Heard ‘Em Say” is a mid-tempo Hip-Hop/R&B track off of Kanye’s Late Registration album, featuring Adam Levine. It is classified as a Hip-Hop/R&B song but what you probably don’t know is that this song is mothered by a ballad. Can you hear the cascading piano? It comes from a ballad performed by Natalie Cole called “Someone I Used to Love.” The song’s Hip-Hop/R&B spice, consisting delayed percussion and a bass synth, gives the cascading piano melody a hip and Adam Levin’s gentle, clean vocals, stylish kick, creating a track that Time Magazine critic, Josh Tryangiel, calls an “atmospheric ballad.”

A Kanye West visit to sweet, pleasant ballad track featuring the smooth, soothing vocals of JYJ could produce something fresh, something beautiful.

We’ve heard tastes of this in Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 9095″ off of their Japanese albums, The Secret Code. Written and composed by Jaejoong, we can easily identify the songs ballad origins in the cascading piano, soft acoustics, and the group’s vocals. But like West’s re-engineering of “Heard ‘Em Say”‘s cascading piano and Levine’s vocals, Jaejoong adds elements–the various vocal echos, the bass, the keyboard–that lead the track into the similar territory of what Josh Tryangiel calls “atmospheric ballad.”

A collaboration like this, could well…look at the titles unnies, oppas, and dongsaengs.

Mirotic,” Dong Bang Shin Ki’s first single off of their Korean album Mirotic and their Japanese album The Secret Code, was the BIGGEST song in the Korean music industry during the year 2008, arguably the entire history of the Korean music industry. Everyone was going bat shit crazy over this song and with merit. It features a “reverse beat” which, as far  as you all are concerned, makes the song addictive. Along with the pounding bass beat, “catch-me-if-you-can” adlibs, and electric sounds, everyone knew the dance, everyone knew the lyrics, and EVERYONE wanted a piece of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake was a song I did not go a day without hearing during the hot as hell summer of 2006. And not because I couldn’t get it out of my head or anything, but because this song was EVERYWHERE! Whether it was a Sweet Sixteen, Charles De Gaulle airport, or a ranch in the Morrocan Hills, I heard this song everywhere I went. The song has the same pulsing bass, abundance of electric sounds, and just down right SEXINESS.

Could Timbaland produce another chart topping, sexy ass hit? HELLS yeah and the thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened and we all, like, DIED, of a musical orgasm.

Now that I’ve established that they all know what they’re doing and what they’re doing has some godly potential, I’m going to let you know why I think why.

Why are these two parties working together?

Besides the reasons I have already listed as far as their musical talent and the magic that they could create together, Kanye West & Timbaland are amongst the biggest artists in America and Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are amongst the biggest artists in Asia. If JYJ want to make a hit global record, why wouldn’t they go to Kanye West & Timbaland. The two have made LARGER THAN LIFE tracks that have been massively popular in the United States, Asia, and really, the ENTIRE world. And as to why Kanye & Timbaland want to work with JYJ? WHY NOT? Another gig, another dollar. Just kidding. Well, not really. JYJ were part of Dong Bang Shin Ki, which seriously, fan or not, the numbers do not lie and the numbers say that they are the BIGGEST musical act in Asia (40% OF AVEX Entertainmne’s profits?! Seriously, even as Cassiopeian, could NOT believe it). JYJ, regardless of what they do, are going to rake in LOTS OF CASH and why wouldn’t Kanye and Timbaland want a piece of this rich cake? Not to mention that, by being attached to such some of the BIGGEST names in Asia, their PR will explode. The reverse is also VERY TRUE.

A the end of the day, everyone wants to music and if they want to make music with each other, then why not?



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And I will end my post with this: I really wish Yunho and Changmin could share this experience with Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu.

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